Kuroyukihime21 Kuroyukihime21 27 May 2020

Get Ready Migration Legacy Wiki to UCP Wiki

I hope the other Admin of Dynamix Wiki read this, because Legacy Wiki (MediaWiki old version) not in use anymore and get step to back up all content (include CSS and JS costum) if the migration get issue like import content only transfer 90%...

Why? Fandom will migrate All Wiki (Except created wiki at 11 March 2020 above) with Mediawiki Old version (Legacy Wiki) to Mediawiki New Version it called UCP - Unified Community Platform.

What's change? You can read here. Rip classic editor...

About migration you can read here.

About Bug & Issue from UCP Feature, you can read here.

About UCP, you can read here.

Okay, that's all... I hope you like this UCP....

If you have a problem about UCP, you can visit Community Central

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Kuroyukihime21 Kuroyukihime21 5 November 2017

Is Easter Egg from Dynamix, isn't it?

I found from event result but it can't use as own character or part. Here the pict below.

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Kuroyukihime21 Kuroyukihime21 19 August 2017

Added feature for template list song

Hello there, i just added a new feature for template list song every page song to reduce space page or lazy to scrolling page to down or up.....

Here for sample. See the picture below here.

how to use this new feature? Just click "expand" or collapse"

If you like this, i keep. If not, i rollback this feature.

Happy Reading.... :)

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Kuroyukihime21 Kuroyukihime21 18 August 2017

Sneak peak wave test class 11

Hello there, i want to inform about sneak peak wave test class 11.

List track can be use on wave test class 11 include class 10 and 12. Where i got that info? I found a picture like this.

1. Vanilla Sky (Mega)
2. AKI-ZAKURA (Mega)
3. Persephone (Mega or Giga)
4. Sakura Fubuki (Mega)
5. Flarebirds of Scarlet Prism (Mega)
6. 紅 (Red) (Giga)
7. Kog (Mega)
8. Hiccup Drunk (Mega)
9. ????? (I can't find it coz the background is blur above Aki-Zakura BG)

That's all. Happy hunting to get new badge. :v

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Kuroyukihime21 Kuroyukihime21 10 July 2017

Can you add countdown javascript for this wiki?

Dear Admin this wiki.

Can you add countdown feature to this wiki to inform for wikians when event start or end event? I can't add this feature coz the page was restricted to edit. Only admin can edit. templates for countdown, i created a few day ago but no result coz missing source code countdown. So i delete it.

Oh, i forgot this one. Source code of countdown here and documentation here.

That's all. Thx :)

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