aka 1perall

  • I live in VN
  • I was born on April 26
  • My occupation is Spinner / Student
  • I am Male
  • Hi. My name is Tranze. I'm Vietnamese. Currently, I'm a student/spinner. My favourite genre is Trance and it sub-genre. My favourite rank levelling song in Dynamix is Stardust, my favourite event song is Cervelle Connexion and my favourite IAP song is Trajectory. And how about you ?
  • Wish:
    • More OverRapid songs in event, such as Hadron Kollider or Sudden Noise
    • More Frag character

Very pretty but very badass

  • My reaction when hear some songs:
  • About artwork:
    • Red Liquid: "This piece contained erotic, sex and mild content. Children below 18 yrs old aren't allow to watch or watch with adult supervision"
    • ぺたるすてっぷ: "Meh...!"

About gameplay Edit

  • Best result on high difficulty:
    • Hard: Psi
    • Mega: Psi
    • Giga: S
    • Wave Test: Psi

My Youtyybe Channel Edit

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