No. 1 Update 30/10/2014 Unlock Rank 1 +
10300 Frags
Difficulty Casual Normal Hard Mega Giga
Level 1 4 8 13 -
Notes 103 216 581 987 -
BPM 130 Length 1:50 Genre Trance
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  • To Celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of Dynamix, the official was released a new chart (Mega Chart) for this track on 3 November 2017.
  • This song requires 10300 frags to unlock Mega difficulty.
    • The Mega difficulty's price was decreased in-game store, being 10300 frags (instead of 11000).

Trivia Edit

  • The background effect of this song has stars scattering in all directions.
  • The Mega chart first release the level is show 12, after hours it change 13.
  • The first 4 numbers in this song's Mega difficulty price references to Dynamix's 3rd anniversary. (1030, reference to October 30th)
  • An unoffical (Mega) chart is uploaded by Homeee and is released on his Youtube channel. [1]

Difficulty ChangelogEdit

Version Casual Normal Hard
BETA (0.08) 1 4 9
1.0 1 4 8



Player: tq2501

Dynamix Stardust (HARD) Omega

Dynamix Stardust (HARD) Omega

Player: nanoflower

【初心忘るべからず】Stardust(MEGA) All PERFECT OMEGA Rank【Dynamix】

【初心忘るべからず】Stardust(MEGA) All PERFECT OMEGA Rank【Dynamix】


Dynamix -Stardust

Dynamix -Stardust

External LinksEdit

  1. Preview Unofficial Mega Chart by Homeee. Youtube

The Wikians Say...Edit

Not too hard, probably the first song you should play. Just watch out for the notes that go to the right.
— SerialNo30000324
Before I played this on Hard Mode, I thought, "Hey, This Is Gonna be Easy!", Then, When I started playing this on Hard Mode, I was like, "OH MY GOOD GRACIOUS GOD WTF"
— Freedomdive1