These are all 359 songs as of Version 3.15.0. Unreleased songs are under the Misc section.

25 song packs: 100 songs in all song packs.

48 songs in rank: 23 songs free, 25 premium songs.

192 Event songs, 11 Wave Test songs, 3 special songs unlockable with Frags.

Level cap for non-premium users is: 30

Note Edit

The Giga difficulty was announced during the third event of Dynamix. The first appearance of this song is Version 3.2.3 in Event mode, with GOEMON, Cryonix and  featuring this difficulty.


Casual: 1-5

Normal: 4-9

Hard: 7-12

Mega: 11-15
(with one exception, being Stage5 with a difficulty of 4)

Giga: 13-15

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