Moonlight of Sand Castle
No. 66 Update 11/3/2016 Unlock Rank 4 +
18888 Frags
Moonlight of Sand Castle
Difficulty Casual Normal Hard Mega Giga
Level 2 6 9 11 -
Notes 359 564 888 1491 -
BPM 160 Length 2:27 Genre New Age Waltz
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  • Requires Rank 4 to be unlocked.
  • The Normal difficulty of this song is the second song in Wave Test 01 Class 3-IR.
  • To Celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of Dynamix, the official was released a new chart (Mega Chart) for this track at 3 November 2017.
  • This song requires 18888 frags to unlock Mega difficulty.
    • The Mega difficulty's price was increased at in-game store, being 18888 frags (instead of 11000).

Trivia Edit

  • Moonlight of Sand Castle has a MEGA ranking(it was removed) on Google Play Games and (iOS) Game Center, even though it isn't inside the game. The Mega chart appears, but still no ranking. (For Google Play Leaderboards)
  • The background effect of this song is that steam/smoke are coming from the bottom of the artwork, spreading everywhere.
  • This song can also be found in Hachi Hachi and Arcaea as part of the Arcaea x Dynamix collaboration.
  • The song's Mega difficulty price references to hard difficulty combo. (888)
  • In the New Charts Announcement, the Mega chart's difficulty was incorrectly shown to be 12. It was later officially announced to be 11.



Player: EK

Dynamix - Moonlight of Sand Castle - Lv

Dynamix - Moonlight of Sand Castle - Lv.9 (HARD) - All Perfect

Player: nanoflower

【旅人EBICO】Moonlight of Sand Castle(MEGA) All PERFECT OMEGA Rank【Dynamix】

【旅人EBICO】Moonlight of Sand Castle(MEGA) All PERFECT OMEGA Rank【Dynamix】