These are all the currently available mods when Premium mode is purchased (Except the "Speed" mod).

Mod Details
This mod auto-plays one or more tracks, although the resulting score and EXP gained will not be counted. Primarily used to study the note charts, it can be used for:
  • Left Track
  • Right Track
  • Left and Right Track (L.R)
  • All the Tracks (Full)
This mod shrinks the notes. It can be shrunk to:
  • 75%
  • 50%
  • 25%
This mod swaps all of the note placings and the tracks will switch sides. For example, notes originally appearing on the left would come from the right side instead for the bottom line. It's useful for player who are right-handed try to play song that focuses on left hand well and vice versa.
This mod adds a health meter located in the middle of the screen. It shrinks whenever you miss notes, so if too many notes are missed and the meter runs out, the song will stop and will be counted as a failure (no score is recorded, except in Event). The meter will slowly fill back up when it gets shrunk as long you don't get any more misses. If you play Mega in Free version, the Bleed mode will be locked on, which means that you must play with bleed mode.

More infromation about bleed mode can be found in this Page.

This mod makes the notes drop in a free fall state. It has two dropping speed: x1.0 and x2.0
This mod adjust the falling speed, the default set is 0.8, it can be set from 0.2 to 2.0.