Mods (unofficial term, also called effectors) is a feature in Dynamix that alters several aspects of playing experience. This feature is not available in free mode as it is exclusively a premium feature. The Mod's interface can be accessed after the player presses the "▶" button to a song they desire to play.

There are currently six (6) configurable features in the Mod's interface. Three (3) of which are the blue mods, which enhances the chart's ease. However, playing with it activated won't record the player's final score. The other two (2) are the red mods, which elevates the chart's difficulty. Unlike the blue mods, using it will record the player's final score. Speed is not part of the Mod buttons, but instead represented as a slider which changes the note's drop-speed relative to the song played.

Mod Feature

When activated, the track will register all the passing notes as "PERFECT" even without the player's interaction in the gameplay. This mod is primarily used to study the song's chart or note patterns. The sub-features of Auto enables the player to select which part of the track affects the mod by repeatedly tapping the Auto button:

  • Left Track (represented as Left; enables Auto in the left track)
  • Right Track (represented as Right; enables Auto in the right track)
  • Left and Right Track (represented as L.R; enables Auto in the left and right track)
  • All the Tracks (represented as Full; enables Auto in all the tracks)

Activating this mod will narrow the note's width by a specific percentage proportionate to its original measurement. Repeatedly tapping this mod will adjust the note's narrowness:

  • 75% (narrows all the notes by 75%)
  • 50% (narrows all the notes by 50%)
  • 25% (narrows all the notes by 25%)

When activated, the whole song's chart will flip horizontally. Notes originally appearing to the left will go to the right and vice versa. This results in a mirrored gameplay appearance and functionality.


Activating this mod will add a health bar located at the lower-middle of the screen. The health starts at full bar and it will deplete whenever the player misses the notes passing through the tracks. Progressively missing the notes will deplete the health bar to zero, which results the song to stop playing and counts it as an immediate failure. When failed, the score will be unrecorded with the exception of playing it in Event mode. Nonetheless, when the gauge is depleted, it can be refilled gradually (Heal) by playing the song without getting anymore missed notes. This mod is permanently activated in Extra mode.

Depending on the Character equipped by the player, it may alter the Bleed's feature such as reducing the damage taken at every missed note. 

When activated, the notes drop in a free-fall state.

Its sub-features has two (2) free-fall speed adjustments:

  • x1.0
  • x2.0

This mod can adjust the note's drop-speed. It is not part of the Mod buttons, but is one of the interface's features. It is represented as a slider.

Initially, The default value of the Speed mod is 0.8. It can be set from 0.2, being the slowest, to 2.0, being the quickest.

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