Mode Regular and Extra
No. 139 Update 31/3/2017 Unlock 17000 Frags
Difficulty Casual Normal Hard Mega Giga
Level - 4 7 11 -
Notes - 491 740 970 -
BPM 190 Length 2:02 Genre Drumfunk
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Date List of Comeback EventEdit

Comeback Date Recover Date Purchase End Date Event Notes Last comeback distance
3 Nov 2017 7 Nov 2017 12 Nov 2017 Soul Army, Cryonix, Chrysoberyl Event Comeback and 3 new charts Moonlight of Sand Castle (Mega), Stardust (Mega), and Flashback (Mega) 3rd times the 3rd most vote in a Twitter Poll (3rd place) and 3rd anniversary 31 weeks
9 Nov 2018 13 Nov 2018 18 Nov 2018 Lionhearted Released and Soul Army, 銀梅花 Event Comeback 4th Anniversary x Halloween 53 weeks
28 Jan 2020 1 Feb 2020 6 Feb 2020 Wish Event Comeback, Wave Test Class 1-12 all open Chinese New Year Event 2020 63.5 weeks

Notes Edit

  • This song was released for a limited time and is only unlockable via event mode, from noon 31 March 2017 to 8 PM, 4 April 2017 (UTC+8), and was unlockable with frags until 8 PM, 9 April 2017.
  • This song requires 17000 frags to unlock all difficulties (Normal, Hard, Mega).
  • The character Marion can be obtained after playing the song in Event mode.

Trivia Edit

  • MoonHare's Bronze Track of Dynamix submission.
  • The song's title is most likely a play on the word "marionette [1]".
  • In this song first time release, official were experimental gave the Bits at very low chance on the Result Draw bonus gift (there also possible to get Bits on the Cryonix first comeback Result Draw bonus gift). However, after the event period, official didn't give any Bits on the Result Draw bonus gift.



External LinksEdit

  1. More Information About Marionette. Wikipedia

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