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Dynamix, the hardcore mobile music game is the first publishing game made by C4Cat. Dynamix introduces a new style of music game. Its triple-dropping track design provides a more rhythmical and varying play style. Players can feel like composing the song during gameplay. The first release version of Dynamix includes more than 20 Hong Kong original songs.

To all users using this Wikia: There are some songs that use Chinese and/or Japanese characters. Please use the Songs page if you need to search for the song.

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◤Dynamix 3.12 is out!
◣Package Electroclassica was added!
◣Fixed some bug. See Update History
Event mode is announced, weekly new songs added.
◣Next event song: Holy Lightbringer
◣Eventcomeback song: Purgatório
Wave Test is announced, each four days change the class.
◤and so much MORE!

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