No. 74 Update 26/5/2016 Unlock 200 Rank
Difficulty Casual Normal Hard Mega Giga
Level - 7 9 14 -
Notes - 453 678 869 -
BPM 193 Length 2:07 Genre Artcore
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Notes Edit

  • Requires Rank 200 in Dynamix Premium to be unlocked.
  • This is the last song to be unlocked by rank leveling.

Trivia Edit

  • In version 2.7.0 for iOS, this song was accidentally released for free, while it was supposed to be unlocked by rank 200 in version 3.0. The app was taken down for repairs after then.
  • This song can also be found in OverRapid.
  • This song's Mega chart is the chart that went the longest without someone getting an Omega. It lasted 397 days, and the first person to get an Omega was MsD.
    • World 1st “ kill ” Hemisphere Mega chart (upload by Duy Nguyễn)
    • Officials said in future they will make the present Mega chart to the Giga difficulty and they will make a new easier mega chart (about Lv 12-13).
    • Also, the uploader of the world 1st kill video, Duy Nguyễn, said that ARForest, the composer of this song, will remix it.
      • In fact, there's an available remix of this song by Quree ( Quree's Semi-Hardcore Remix ), which can be found here: SoundCloud
      • Now, ARForest were made out remake version, which can be found his SoundCloud.


Player: StaLight

Dynamix Hemisphere HARD OMEGA

Dynamix Hemisphere HARD OMEGA

Player: MsD维尼 (upload by Duy Nguyễn)

Dynamix Hemisphere Mega OMEGA - 1000000! World 1st kill by MsD维尼

Dynamix Hemisphere Mega OMEGA - 1000000! World 1st kill by MsD维尼


Remake version