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These songs are collaborated with other games (they show in any official collaboration announcement):

1.OverRapid (Mobile device app rhythm games from the South Korean game development team, Team ArcStar), Dynamix X OverRapid collaboration (2016 May, Dec)

OverRapid > Dynamix
Outer Space Danse De Romani Contour Makes Me Wonder Wah!
Riverside Cafe Nick of Time Metheus Final Dash Crank Up
OverRapid < Dynamix
Fierce Heart 名無しの宣教師 春菊 流れ星に願うよいま... 雲の国の王子
Oracle Gallium Arsenide 萤火虫の怨 Wonderful Days Rom Corruption

2.Zyon (Continued by INVAXION) (Operations Suspended) and Hachi Hachi (Mobile device app rhythm games from the Nanjing and Hong Kong game corp, Aquatrax of Zyon and Skytree of Hachi Hachi), ZHD Project (2016 Oct, Nov)

Zyon > Dynamix
Reborn Seedy Try Stage 5 Offshore
Zyon < Dynamix
春菊 名無しの宣教師 流れ星に願うよいま... -
Hachi Hachi > Dynamix
Hachi Hachi < Dynamix
Oracle 名無しの宣教師 Little Boy -

3.Rabi-Ribi (PC games in Steam from the Taiwan game corp, CreSpirit), Dynamix x Rabi-Ribi (2017 Feb)

Rabi-Ribi > Dynamix
Theme of Rabi-Ribi Azure Snow Land System Interior The Truth Never Spoken No Remorse

4.SickGames (PC games and mobile device app games from the Taiwan game corp), Dynamix x 有病系列 (SickGames,The game corp from taiwan) (2017 Apr)

SickGames > Dynamix
Regenerate Violence

5.ARCAEA (Mobile device app rhythm Games from the United Kingdom game corp, lowiro), Dynamix x Arcaea (2017 Jun, Jul)

ARCAEA > Dynamix
Vexaria Essence of Twilight Party Vinyl フライブルクとエンドロウル Flashback
ARCAEA < Dynamix
Moonlight of Sand Castle REconstruction Evoltex (poppi'n mix) Oracle αterlβus

6.STELLIGHTS (Mobile device app rhythm Games from the Japan game corp, COLLESTA, INC.) (Operations Suspended), Dynamix x STELLIGHTS (2018 Apr, May)

Dolqueen Catastrophe Convictor 奏 -KANADE- Lucentear
Speedster, Trickster Go Escape αterlβus Alter Ego Daydream

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