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These artists have at least 3 songs used as an entry in Dynamix

Rank Artist Song Notes
(12 Songs)
mmry Stardust Original
Little Boy Original
Axis Original, co-authored with DCWH
Variance Original
Aegis Original
After The Ending Original
Lunar Arrow Original
Voyagers Original
Parallel Address Original
Leave Me Original
Go Escape Original
Glacial Original, authored by BilliumMoto, remix by Liquart (mmry)
(10 Songs)
Mimi Forget Me Not Original
Surrealism Original, feat. ZAT
Actinium Original
雲の国の王子 Original
Deadly Poppy Field Original
星の王子様と「僕」 Original
Grape Jelly Original, co-authored with TangJuan
Libra Original, co-authored with MIssionary‎
Play A Day Original, create for Game Party‎ 2016
Chrysoberyl Original, co-authored with 黒皇帝, artist named 黑貓
(7 Songs)
MIssionary‎ 名無しの宣教師 Original
White Horse Disease Original, personal song package
Red Horse Massacre Original, personal song package
Black Horse Famine Original, personal song package
Grey Horse Underworld Original, personal song package
Libra Original, co-authored with Mimi
罪曲 Original
Neutral Moon Time & Space (Dynamix Edit) Submission 2017
Dead Master Submission 2017
In Search Of... Original, co-authored with Daison
Dogu Original, co-authored with mmry
モシモシビット (Moshi Moshi Bit) Submission 2019
Enhanced Lights Submission 2019
Dangerous Insanity (2019 Rework) Submission 2019, co-authored with MonstDeath
(6 Songs)
3R2 Wonderful Days Original, a.k.a DJ Mashiro
Azure Snow Land Collaboration from Rabi-Ribi
System Interior Collaboration from Rabi-Ribi
The Truth Never Spoken Collaboration from Rabi-Ribi
No Remorse Collaboration from Rabi-Ribi
Theme of Rabi-Ribi Collaboration from Rabi-Ribi
Cashew‎ Teardrops Original
White Chocolate Submission 2015
Bewitched Original
High Speed Riders Submission 2015
Absolute Zero Original
Ocean Original, co-authored with Riyandi K
DCWH Axis Original, co-authored with mmry
80 Original
Rom Corruption Original
Random20 Original
Infinite Loop VIP Original
Yoyoyoyo Original
RiraN You Spin Me Around Submission 2015
Crocus Original
Blue Submission 2015
Daydream Submission 2017
Own The Night Submission 2017
Unshakable Submission 2017
TangJuan Keep Out Original
Win & Bow Original
Grape Jelly Original, co-authored with Mimi
Yotta Original, co-authored with BeatsAway
Xetta Original, co-authored with Black Box
I Must Say No Original, unreleased
モリモリあつし‎ 天照 Submission 2019
Submission 2015
Alter Ego Submission 2015
Calling Submission 2019
Party Vinyl Collaboration from ARCAEA
PUPA Submission 2017
(5 Songs)
ARForest Hemisphere Original
WaH! Collaboration from OverRapid
Metheus Collaboration from OverRapid
Nible Original, co-authored with SC-KIM
Flashback Collaboration from ARCAEA
Kplecraft‎ Okesuchi Submission 2015, personal song package
8-Bit Goa #4 Original, personal song package
Nanohemu Original, personal song package
Kog Original, personal song package
16383 Submission 2017
litmus*‎ Outer Space Collaboration from OverRapid
Contour Collaboration from OverRapid
Riverside Cafe Collaboration from OverRapid
Crank Up Collaboration from OverRapid
Lonely Cat Submission 2017
P4koo Make Me Wonder Collaboration from OverRapid
Nick of Time Collaboration from OverRapid
Le ciel heureux Submission 2015
SPECIAL♪LIVE Submission 2015
SECONDED WORLD Submission 2017
TQ☆ Eclipses Original
Oracle Original
Dyspnea Original
つゆだま Original
Galaxia Original
(4 Songs)
BilliumMoto HDHR Original
Rocky Buinne Original
Glacial Original, remix by Liquart (mmry)
life flashes before weeb eyes Original
Circle 2 Gallium Arsenide Original
Gallium Phosphide Original
Gallium Nitride Original
Elph’s Sadness Original
EBICO‎ 流れ星に願うよいま... Original, a.k.a Lemon whisper(EBICO&ノゾム)
Moonlight of Sand Castle Original, a.k.a 旅人E
GOEMON Collaboration from Hachi Hachi, a.k.a ICBM
Persephone Original
pan Starbirds of Zenith Blue Submission 2015
Flarebirds of Scarlet Prism Submission 2015
Ice Chandelier Submission 2017
Sunset Road Submission 2017
sky_delta Cryonix Submission 2015
Mouse Runs For Cheese Submission 2015
Grenade Submission 2017
Kreuz Submission 2017
VelecTi‎ Dream Starter Original
刻み付け、散華の名を Original
Meteor Hope Original
悠遠のヒストリカ Original
(3 Songs)
Aoi αterlβus Submission 2015
to soar Submission 2015, co-authored with mAoA9
Soar to Ø Submission 2017
Arch Evoltex (poppi'n mix) Submission 2015, co-authored with n3pu
Love like we're dying Submission 2019
Startail Submission 2017
BEN (Aurora Record) Midnight Party Original
Sandwich Original, a.k.a UN1C0DE
Defended Original, a.k.a UN1C0DE, co-authored with BlueWind
Daison Impulse Original, remixed by Neutral Moon
In Search Of... Original, co-authored with Neutral Moon
depTh of mem0ry Submission 2017
Jun Kuroda AKI-ZAKURA Submission 2015, co-authored with はがね
Lily Submission 2017
Anökumene Submission 2017
Lunatic Sounds Another World Original
Dement ~After Legend~ Submission 2017
Life Style Submission 2017, as ArcadeStuff
MInzu‎ Desert Rose Original
香港ノ奇術師 Original
龍舞 Original
M-O-T-U Heart Eyes Submission 2015
Red Liquid Submission 2015
Envy Luvs Melancholy Submission 2017
UCHOUTEN Highway Submission 2017
CHAKA Submission 2017
SUWAKI‎ 春菊 Original
CruX Original
Rising Soul Original
Vau Boy MLG Submission 2019
Reef Hideout Submission 2019, co-authored with Pendarr
Reminds Me Of You (feat. Asuna Vanilla) Submission 2019
Zekk Ashes Original
Hatsukoi Memories Original
Re_Construct Submission 2017
埋葬‎ 萤火虫の怨 Original
风屿 Original
万吨匿名信 Original

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