Mode Regular only
No. 205 Update 23/2/18 Unlock 6400 Frags
Difficulty Casual Normal Hard Mega Giga
Level 3 5 8 - -
Notes 365 493 766 - -
BPM 268 Length 2:03 Genre Progressive Jazz
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Own The Night

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Charter mmry

Left Right

Date List of Comeback EventEdit

Comeback Date Recover Date Purchase End Date Event Notes Last comeback distance
2 Nov 2018 6 Nov 2018 11 Nov 2018 The Clockwork Doll Released and 声が届かないのなら, Vexaria Event Comeback 4th Anniversary x Halloween 36 weeks
17 Jan 2020 21 Jan 2020 26 Jan 2020 Dead Master Released Official Decide 63 weeks

Notes Edit

  • This song was released for a limited time and is only unlockable via event mode, from noon 23 February 2018 to 8 PM, 27 February 2018 (UTC+8), and was unlockable with frags until 8 PM, 4 March 2018.
  • This song requires 6400 frags to unlock all difficulties (Casual, Normal and Hard).
  • The BG part Kumo and Parts part Cloud Fish can be obtained from result draw of this song.


  • Ino(chronoize)'s Gold Track of Dynamix submission.
  • This song's direct translation is: Containing the fog of cloudy view "mirror".
  • This song‘s name comes from Japanese writer Soseki Natsume's (夏目漱石) novel《薤露行》, a part of 《鏡》(mirror, in the Kanji means Kagami). This novel is mainly about the love story between Lancelot, Guinevere, and Elaine.
  • This is the second song to have the title of the song and the artist’s name in the artwork, the first was Daydream.

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