No. 2 Update 30/10/2014 Unlock Rank 1 +
23000 Frags
Difficulty Casual Normal Hard Mega Giga
Level 2 6 9 - 14
Notes 208 601 719 - 1206
BPM 171 Length 2:17 Genre Dancecore
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Left Right

Event ComebackEdit

Comeback Date Recover Date Purchase End Date Event Notes Last comeback distance
25 Aug 2017 30 Aug 2017 3 Sep 2017 Arcana Idola Released and αterlβus, Sakura Fubuki, Offshore, Perspicuus Aestus (Giga) event comeback 2017 Last weekend of Summer holiday extra 25 weeks
29 Jun 2018 3 Jul 2018 8 Jul 2018 Perspicuus_Aestus (Giga), to soarMouse Runs for CheeseTheme of Rabi-RibiRed Liquid event comeback Official Decide 44 weeks
21 Dec 2018 8 Jan 2019 8 Jan 2019 With 3 weeks Released song and event comeback
Perspicuus_Aestus (Giga) event comeback
Christmas Event 2018 25 weeks


  • This song's giga level was released for a limited time during the event mode from noon 3 March 2017 until 7 March 2017 8PM (UTC+8), and could be unlocked with frags until 12 March 2017 at 8 PM.
  • This song requires 18000 frags to unlock Giga difficulty.
    • The Giga difficulty price was increased Event Comeback, being 18000 frags (instead of 16000).
    • The Giga difficulty price was increased Event second Comeback, being default price.


  • This song can also be found in Zyon and OverRapid as part of the ZHD collaboration project to Zyon and Dynamix X OverRapid collaboration.
  • The official Japanese name of the song is Shungiku ( しゅんぎく ) , and directly translates to Spring Chrysanthemum.
  • In the background effects the floating petals are swaying in the first part of the song, and later the whole artwork moves in the same way
  • The Giga mode originally playable in the early beta stages of the game (Played by EK).



Player: EK

【Dynamix】春菊 - Lv9 (HARD) - 1000000 Score - Ω OMEGA

【Dynamix】春菊 - Lv9 (HARD) - 1000000 Score - Ω OMEGA

Player: nanoflower


【重混フレLv.14!】春菊(GIGA) All PERFECT! OMEGA Rank【Dynamix】


Dynamix -春菊-0

Dynamix -春菊-0

The Wikians Say...Edit

Hard mode will require more left hand because the composer SUWAKI is left-handed.
— Anonymous